Frozen Foot Race 5 Mile. Jan 27, 2018, Central High School, Traverse City By Mickey Fivenson


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The Traverse City Track Club, under the direction Allison Goss,  assisted by Bayshore Director, Daniel Siderman, welcomed over 260 runners to one of Michigan’s oldest races, the Frozen Foot Race 5 Mile, Jan 27, 2018, Central High School, Traverse City, on a balmy Winter day. The race name was certainly in contrast to the beautiful, Spring-like weather. Runners enjoyed one of Winters’ warmest days as they ran along beautiful East Bay and through the hilly Huron Hills area. The Traverse City Track Club “gave” the race at no cost to all 2018 TCTC members. The “gift” of the free race was a show of appreciation by the TCTC of the support by the area running community. TCTC was represented by its’ executive director, Lisa Taylor, who was among several volunteers in the TCTC club awning passing out tee shirts to TCTC members. In addition to the TCTC, the race was included partners; Running Fit,  Dynamic Physical Therapy, (represented by Emily Borsum, DTA and Kelly McDonough, DPT), We Train North, 14th Street Chiropractic, West End Summer Training and Alfie Logo Wear. Race results can be found at this link; Frozen Foot Race 2018   . Age group medals were awarded to the top 3 finishers in five year increments. Bananas, cookies and bagels were available, at the end of the race.

The local public High Schools were well-represented by members of the respective track and cross country teams serving as volunteers. These volunteers performed important duties such as registration or marshaling the course. From West Senior High School, registration and other duties were handled by Kate Eveleigh, Clare Ackerman, Maddy Dohm, Morgan Lyon, Maddy Parker, Alanna Swanson, Carly Stoops, Abby Lico, Mary Lyon, Chloe Sage, Kara Crofoot, Sam Schumerhorn, Sharlene Stallworth, Marta Shae, Jen Dohm, Tricia Sage and Izzy Pearling. Central Senior High was represented by Coach Eric Houghton, along with team members Morgan McGrew, Jacob Schultz, Vijay Kennedy, Zach Gerber, Logan Davis, Owen Sullivan, Isaiah Gavaldon, Barry Bialak, and Cole Truszkowski. Without your support, we would not have a Frozen Foot Race. Sincere thanks to the track teams from West and Central Senior High Schools.

Mesick Mushroom Festival 5K race director, Rhonda Workman, 63,was a runner. Rhonda conducts one of the most beautiful races in Northern Michigan as the course meanders through pristine woods and along river backwaters.  Rhonda is a retired teacher and retired army. Thank you for your service! Rhonda cares for her 88 year old mom. Rhonda has run since 1979. She says running has helped relieve her stress. Rhonda’s friend, Robin Mosher, 61, of Marion, had a goal last year of running in 40 races. She completed 50 races, the last race on December 31! What is most remarkable, Robin ran her races in “celebration of 10 years being cancer-free after a mastectomy.” Because Robin won her battle with breast cancer, I am calling her today’s “winner”. Robin won the most important race any of us can run, the race for life. Congratulations to race “winner”, Robin Mosher. And as if that were not enough, Robin says; “This year, I am completing all distances; 5K, 10k, ½ marathon and full marathon. The full marathon will be in the North Country Run in Manistee. I am also running in every town in Michigan with a branch of the company I work for. Probably, I will enter 40 races this year.” Well done Robin. You are a deserving “winner”. We wish you best of luck in your healthy running endeavors.

Alan Kostrzeva, 60, of Traverse City, ran the race with his therapy dog, Tucker, 10 a golden retriever, and his daughter, Callie, 23. Tucker is trained to help dementia patients at the Pavillions. Alan tore his rotator cuff 3 months ago and is just now recovering with the help of running. He completed the Lake Placid Ironman in July of 2016. I had the pleasure of running several miles of the Frozen Foot Race with Alan and Tucker. Callie Kozstreva qualified for the Boston Marathon. Good luck to Callie in her big race. Bryce Kennedy, 43, from Mesick, is a volunteer manager at the Opera House for the Traverse City Film Festival. His friend, Douglas Brown, 45, from Williamsburg, is an eighth grade history teacher. Douglas runs to get in shape because he became too winded playing paintball. Jonna, 48, Douglas’s wife, runs to spend quality time with her family. Jeff Gaft, won his age group. Jeff has recovered from a serious and lengthy ankle injury which has kept him sidelined for several years. Way to go, Jeff! Jim Isenhart, 51, from Elk Rapids, lost 17 pounds running. Jim’s daughter, Danielle Jarmusch, 29, beat her dad in the weight-loss category. Danielle is my “Big Loser” of the race. She lost over 50 pounds after having two children! The weight loss was aided by running. Danielle gets inspiration from running with her family.

Every finisher had their own story of why they run. Is it for better health, to relieve stress, to lose weight, to stop smoking, or to help resolve a life threating illness? Race director Allison Goss wants to encourage you to join her for the 2019 version of one of the area’s oldest races, The Frozen Foot Race. Remember to ask your doctor before starting an exercise program. Maybe next year, your story will be told.

Your author, Mickey Fivenson, has trained over 150,000 miles in 48 years of running. He has completed over 60 marathons and holds one marathon world record with his sons, Zack and Adam. Mickey is the former director of the National Cherry Festival Runs. Mickey’s doctors credit running toward surviving several strokes. Today, Mickey took a third place medal in his age group. If you’d like Mickey to cover your race, if you need tips on training, email mickey at telecomclassifiedads dot com.


One thought on “Frozen Foot Race 5 Mile. Jan 27, 2018, Central High School, Traverse City By Mickey Fivenson

  1. Thanks Mickey for the wonderful background stories on the benefits of running! About 2 1/2 years ago I realized that my fanny was going to become attached to my recliner, if I didn’t get out of it and move. I realized that surviving cancer would mean nothing, if I let myself die from diabetes and heart disease as a result of inactivity! I started walking, then added little run/walk intervals. Now I am in love with movement!


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