Resolution Run/Walk 5K, Jan 1, Little Fleet, Downtown Traverse City

Race director, Karl Bastion, welcomed over 225 runners and walkers to the 5th annual Resolution Run/Walk 5K, Jan 1, held at Little Fleet, Downtown Traverse City. Karl gives thanks to the following primary sponsors; American Proficiency Institute, 4 Front Credit Union along with the following secondary sponsors: 9&10 News, WKLT, Copy Queenz, Oryana, PB&J, and The Little Fleet.

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The race benefited Norte. Norte’s mission, as stated on their website is as follows; “Norte! is Traverse City’s bike-centric, youth-focused nonprofit (501c3) advocacy organization dedicated to building a more bike-friendly TC by inspiring our young people through bicycles. Norte! is harnessing the power of the bicycle to: 1. Promote an active, healthy lifestyle and encourage Traverse City youth to become cyclists for life. 2. Teach urban riding skills to encourage more kids on bikes riding safely on our Traverse City neighborhood streets and trails. 3. Foster leadership skills while setting and achieving personal goals. 4. Empower Traverse City youth to be resilient, gritty and self-confident to help them overcome obstacles both on and off their bikes. 5. Grow the next generation of civic-minded and engaged Traverse City leaders by participating in bike-friendly community outreach activities. 6. Inspire a love for all things bikes. Bikes for happiness. Bikes for fun. Bikes for transportation. Bikes for health. Bikes for racing. Bikes for life. 7. Educate and instruct in basic mechanic and repair skills to promote self-assurance, creativity and lifelong bike independence. 8. Promote environmental stewardship to strengthen our community and help create a more sustainable Traverse City. 9. Support racing in Traverse City and Northern Michigan. Training hard. Getting fit. Standing on the podium. 10. Build a strong, well connected and awesome Traverse City.” Norte’s executive director, Ty Schmidt won a race age group award.

As author of this article, I get to pick my own race “winner”. He wasn’t the fastest runner, but he was the bravest. As a semi-pro soccer player in his hometown of Venice, Italy, Massimo Tosi, age 59, was in apparently perfect health until he suffered a heart attack two years ago. Today, Massimo runs for his health and for fun, plus he stopped smoking a pack a day!. He lost 33 pounds, some of which he put back on after a leg injury. Congratulations to my race winner, Massimo Tosi. May you enjoy many happy years of running.

Barbara Blayaert, 68, of Frankfort, came in as a close second. Barbara says, “I started running after I saw my father die of a heart attack on Christmas day, 1983. I attempted to save him by administering CPR, to no avail. I never intended to be a runner. I was taught girls do not run. I walked to relieve my grief and shock, but in no time I was running. I never stopped running“.

Rose Coleman, 54, of Interlochen, is my “big loser” of the race. Rose lost 90# by running and eating right. Rose is CEO at the Pavilions, a position which creates plenty of stress to relieve during her runs. She has run several Ironman triathlons. Rose’s husband, Joe, 53, runs to spend time with his wife. Joe ran the frigid race in his shorts! For Craig Malstrom, 52, of Hastings, ”Running is my therapy”. Debbie Rhodes, 61, of Elk Rapids, enjoys the challenge of running. Melissa Lonsberry, 51, of Lansing, Craig’s girlfriend, says; “Running helps me to beat depression. I am happier when running. I do not take anti-depressant medications.” Christine Tibbets, 48, of Cedar, runs to relieve stress. Ann Madison, 60, of TC, runs because “It relaxes me and helps clear my mind”. Lance Ryan, 56, of TC, loves to run with his wife. Running helps him relieve the stress of being an active financial planner. Gary Greinman, 51,of TC,  uses running as a de-stressor from his job as an engineer. Nick Laenen, 59, of Detroit, ran with his wife, Lisa, 50. The Laenen’s are ultra-marathoners, having completed over 50 of the races of more than 50K. Their favorite ultra is the Halliburton Trail 50 Mile race. They have also run several Iron Mans.  They plan to run the Woodstock Ultra this Fall. Jed Winters, 59, of Big Rapids, has run since 1972. He enjoys the fun. Jed has completed 31 marathons and has a personal record of 3:07. Jed suffered several knee operations but has recovered and is back at his favorite sport of running. Amanda Strang, 38, ran with her children, Olivia, 11, Ayla, 5, and hubby, Robert, 39. Amanda runs for health and fun.

Race director, Karl Bastion, encourages you to come out next year to join the Resolution Run. Make it your New Year Resolution to join the fun and feel better. Always ask your doctor before starting an exercise program. See you in 2019!

Your author, Mickey Fivenson, has trained over 150,000 miles in 48 years of running. He has completed over 60 marathons and holds one marathon world record with his sons, Zack and Adam. Mickey is the former director of the National Cherry Festival Runs. Mickey’s doctors credit running toward surviving several strokes. If you’d like Mickey to cover your race, if you need tips on training, email mickey at telecomclassifiedads dot com. 


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