Ode to Zoe’, Good Dog, Bouvier, RIP 12-28-17

Ode to Zoe’, RIP 12-28-17

Zoe’ was a good dog. Zoe’, you will be missed.

Zoe’ was a blue ribbon, prize winning, black Bouvier des Flanders.  As a young dog, Zoe’ won several blue ribbons. Her first owner died of cancer, so she was returned to the breeder. The breeder was known for raising calm Bouviers. The breeder struck gold with Zoe’, and so did we. We took over her life when she was one year old. She lived with us, and we lived with her, for the next 13 years.

You may have seen Zoe’ running with me every day throughout  the Woodcreek Community where we lived, or at any one of several area races. You may have been amazed how well Zoe’ and her little buddy, Rebel, the Lhasa Apso, ran with me, never tugging on the leash, never tripping me, running on a short leash,  never barking at people or at other dogs. People were often impressed by how soft her fur felt. Her fur felt like the finest silk. They were surprised at what a handsome dog she was. Her handsome looks were no mistake. She was a prizewinner.

Zoe’ ran with me in other amazing areas. We ran many times in the woods behind the Commons. We knew the many Commons trails intimately. We often ran  at the Sabin Pond Nature Area along the Boardman River or on the Tart Trail that circumvented Boardman Lake. We ran in Miller Nature Area, behind Aldi’s.  We ran on the ice of Boardman Lake, behind the boat launch and checked out the fishermen. We ran through several Chicago Parks.

We won many  running races together including the Turkey Trot, the Dune Dash, the Cherry Festival Run, Leapin’ Leprechaun, The Resolution Run, The Bigfoot Snowshoe 5K, The Frozen Foot Race, The North Mitten 10K, Big-Little Hero 5K and innumerable other races.

A few days before she died, we had the honor take photos and to run one last time with Zoe’. She prevailed in this last run even though her foot was sore from the insidious cancer. Then, it was on to the vet for her one last car trip. Goodbye, Zoe’.  Zoe’, you were a fantastic dog. We’ll never forget you, Zoe’. Zoe’, you will be missed.

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Author, Mickey Fivenson, ran every day for 13 years with his Bouvier, Zoe’. Five years ago, Rebel, the Lhasa Apso, joined us. Zoe’ and Mickey were a staple in many area races.


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